Integrated Logistics and Express Delivery Limited

We are a full courier company in Express and Freight Delivery door to door Nationwide and international.


Just Travels And Tours

Just Travels offers fast, convenient, affordable and readily available travel services, handled by experienced travel agents with over 5 years of travel expertise and a 24/7 customer care line. General airport logistics for local and international flights are provided as well. Anything to make your trip simpler, Just Travels got you.



Libra Motors is into transport and logistics business. They have terminals in Lagos and other majors cities in the East. They have 172 buses in their fleets and still counting.


FirstBank Business Diagnostic

The Business diagnostic survey is designed to help you identify the key gaps in your business. This diagnostic survey will take ~15 minutes. For each question, please read carefully and select the response that is most representative of your business. At the end of the survey, you will get a customized report for your business