Jojos Homemade

Products and/Services *-500 WORDS Jojos Homemade is a healthy food company that’s into the production of healthy cereal and snack alternatives for the family. Our products are handmade in small batches with simple ingredients that are locally sourced in Nigeria. Our company is NAFDAC approved with 4 of our products fully approved. Our mission is to help family eat healthy good food because we believe the home is where eating habits are formed.



Chanmar FOODZ is a food service, grocery shopping and agricultural produce business.



Processing Benue Crops for the World.... We are an Inclusive Agribusiness that is sourcing, aggregating and processing Benue crops to produce a range of retail/FMCG and industrial products for both local and international customers

08109770977 INFO@NFC-NG.COM

Divine Dominion investment plc

Estate development, agency services, construction, trading



We process high quality Garri that has a longer shelf life, which contains vitamin A that is good for sight.

08095957527, 08034712964

Tshally Foods Limited

Tshally Foods Limited is a food processing and packaging business.Its line of products are Tshally Oat Meal (flour),Tshally Oat grain and Tshally Icing Sugar. Tshally Oat meal (Flour) is a swallow food that can be enjoyed with any soup of your choice.It is rich in fiber and protein.It is heart friendly as it knocks down bad cholesterol. Tshally icing sugar is designed specifically for cake and pastry industry.


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