Divine saviour business services

I used to deal with liquor Wholesale in my company


Bensuwa Investments

Cleaning services, Laundromat (Laundry and Dry-cleaning), and Farming



designer and creator of exquisite conversation starter pieces not just Hats


Estate Nexus Ltd


Aimeagles SMS Marketing Company

AIMEAGLES SMS MARKETING COMPANY offers bulk SMS services worldwide, INTERNATIONAL airtime and data purchase, flight ticketing, online/internet advertisement, digital marketing services, information computer technology such as web design, web hosting, domain name registration, etc and sales of men wears (boutique). We have been reliably providing bulk SMS & phone number generation solutions to thousands of satisfied customers across Nigeria, and Nationwide (international) because Aimeagles SMS is 100% secure & reliable. "You can't tell what's in a book by its cover." Try our services today and you'll be glad you did. Are you planning on organizing an exuberant event and want throng to attend? "Time is money." Don't wait for eternity for your messages (chivalrous invitation) to deliver. Our platform delivers your messages instantly, irrespective of the volume. How can your business, organisation (team) or event benefit from our SMS mobile marketing? Promote events: Send quick SMS to notify your clients, team (members), staffs & customers about the date and time of that captivating events, initiatives, product or service launch, price changes and general reminders. Create loyalty: Keep your customers in the loop with news on what’s on in your organisation, send them good wishes during festival periods, through our SMS platform. Boost sales through promotions: Want to give sales a boost during low season? Why not create promotions and let people know about them via text messages (e.g. 2 drinks for the price of 1, happy hour, discounts, etc.). You can also check the results and efficacy of your SMS promotions. What if you have no mobile numbers to send bulk SMS to? 1. If you have a website, by adding a registration form where users can enter their mobile numbers. 2. By asking for mobile numbers from customers upon entrance to the shop/office/business centre. 3. We also have access to over 80 million active GSM phone numbers of people in different locations of Lagos and other states in Nigeria, including special phone number databases of parents, clubbers, students (Unilag & Yabatech), Musicians, Actors/actresses, Models, Lawyers, Accountants, Businessmen, Contractors, Politicians, Real Estate Brokers and Fashion Lovers. Our portal delivers sms to any number irrespective of DND status and volume. We could help you out with these numbers, to get you started forthwith!


Enigbi's concept company

we are into the production and sale of ready to wear corporate clothing for women and dress down shirts for men.


FirstBank Business Diagnostic

The Business diagnostic survey is designed to help you identify the key gaps in your business. This diagnostic survey will take ~15 minutes. For each question, please read carefully and select the response that is most representative of your business. At the end of the survey, you will get a customized report for your business