Savvy Solutions is a multi-competency enterprise transformation and technology firm that combines expertise and capabilities across many industries and business functions to deliver superior value to its clients. Savvy collaborates with its clients, both in the private and public sectors, to build high performance enterprises. Savvy Solutions has a core competence in providing an integrated approach that best exploits the potential benefits of ICT for delivering superior value to the customer. Our well trained personnel not only offer you quality solutions, they do it with dispatch, knowing that your business depends on it. We offer support services 24/7


Prime Virtual Assistant Services

We are a virtual assistant services firm, we help busy professionals, teams and organisations with their administrative and business support while they focus on the core of their businesses


Emmydon Nigeria Limited

Business Center


Spartacus ventures

Phones and laptops software and hardware


Woodzeks Systems Konsult Limited

ICT Solutions


Mpower Solar Electrical Nigeria Limited

Mpower S.E. Nigeria Ltd is an Info Tech and Renewable Solar Energy company based in Abuja


FirstBank Business Diagnostic

The Business diagnostic survey is designed to help you identify the key gaps in your business. This diagnostic survey will take ~15 minutes. For each question, please read carefully and select the response that is most representative of your business. At the end of the survey, you will get a customized report for your business