Emmalich Ventures Company

Marketing,Real Estate,Publisher , Farming and General Contactor


Dannycherish Enterprises

A company duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission to engage in General Merchandise. Particularly, have interest in agriculture and agricultural products.


realhephziba-ITC Limited

The has vested interest in Oil and Gas (down & Midstream sector) focusing on LPG Reticulation System and Development of Petrochemical plant (Methanol production), we are also pursuing opportunities in Real Estate development and Integrated Broiler Chicken Poultry farm businesses.


Noble House Agro Allied Farms Ind. Ltd




AP FARMS is a business venture that is setup to provide agricultural goods and services; production, processing and marketing of livestock products such as broiler meat and table eggs, Poultry feeds, feed-raw materials, vet products, toll mill services, agro-allied products, livestock farming, farm training and consultancy.


KCA Solar Power Generating Company Ltd

Wholesale Trade

08118273295 - 15512270966

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