Noble Vine Essentials Limited

Agropreneuship,Agribusiness consulting, Commodities trading,Animal nutrition and farming etc.


Eeyaniyidododo utility service

The business is a hub for the following business 1. Fashion store/ tailoring 2. Automart 3. Distribution of Garri



A logistics company. travels and tours company with success as our trademark over the years. Since 2011 to be precise. Printing Press Service. Groceries and Departmental Stores in Lagos and Oyo States. Agro Allied_Farming


Ogbane Integrated Farms

Agriculture and Agricultural Products


FOWM Biotechnology Limited

Life Science and Biotechnology Solutions Provider that offers customized professional services to Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Industrial and Educational institutions.

01-4532512, 09055376987


V-belts, Pumps, Energy Cables, Conveyor belts, Timing belt, Mill belts, Fan-power belts, Pulleys, Couplings, Taper bushes, Taper lock, Laser alignment kits, Tensioning tools e.t.c. Our approach is to understand our client's requirements/challenges, technically devise solutions that meet these requirements/challenges economically and then deliver timely solutions without compromising quality. GERMANY:- Power Transmission Products i.e.; v-belts, timing belt, mill belts, fan-power belts, pulleys, couplings, taper bushes, taper lock, laser alignment kits, tensioning tools e.t.c. DEEPEE SOLE DISTRIBUTOR IN NIGERIA GRUNDFOS PUMPS DENMARK:- Submersible pumps, Fire Hydrant pumps & Vertical turbine pumps, Centrifugal pumps, Diaphragm Pumps, Gear Pumps, e.t.c. DEEPEE AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR IN NIGERIA. IGUS GERMANY:- Energy-chain and chain flex (motion cables) e.t.c. Igus is also a manufacturer of quality air hoses and connectors. DEEPEE SOLE DISTRIBUTOR IN NIGERIA


FirstBank Business Diagnostic

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