Production of table sized cat fish


Anon G Global Resources Ltd

Anon G Global Resources Ltd (AGRL), Nigeria is an Export and local Trading Company (ELTC) for goods and services. We are involved in agricultural products supply and general merchandize. We are one-stop import-export and local market solution provider with vast experience in international trade and global exposure in diverse areas of operation. Competitive sourcing, shipping-logistics proficiency, a capability to handle large volumes and hassle-free clearances of smooth progression. Our business model operates in a mutually beneficial and long-term relationship by obtaining quality merchandise at best possible competitive rates. Managing all the necessary challenges, there are part of the business success. We have work with some company in Nigeria and abroad, like NBC and local government of Benue State. This indigenous accredited company is fully registered/ incorporated in June 2010. The firm is managed by few executive and non-executive directors with good level of experience in Management operation. We have recorded success in all areas of our specialization and currently working on expansion of our activities. CONSTRUCTION: ANONG was awarded building project by MDG’s in some LGA. It was completed and certified OK Our key aim Our aim is to source and deliver quality JOB on behalf of our customers at a competitive price and also provide efficient and effective range of value added services. Our Offices Our offices are strategically located in Nigeria, to ensure we can be reached easily and cover the entire country in our goods and services. Our Team As a team, we are able to plan, execute and delivered on target .“PLAY TO WIN IN EVERY MARKET we go!!! “ Our principal staff are: Mr. Gbadebo Oloba Managing Director Mrs. Odinakachi G madu (a.k.a jasmine) Operations Director (West Africa Region) Five reasons to choose our team - Experienced and dedicated workers to source AND deliver on objective and agreement - Technical knowledge of all our field - We offer flexibility and delivered on point - Understand the local challenges and work to deliver even in difficult circumstances - We are reliable and trustworthy . We do more than a job Our aim extends beyond goods and services but delivering real value to your business such as quality, price and customer satisfaction. We also see it as our responsibility to use this means to create new business opportunities and work creation to our environment and country at large. Thank you Management Anon G Global Resources Ltd (AGRL), Nigeria


Taissen Shalom Holdings

Financial services, Agricultural consultancy, Poultry/ fish/ vegetable farms and Real Estate


Samedek agro and allied

Samedek Agro and Allied is an agribusiness enterprise, incorporated in 2016. It specialises in Honey bee keeping and training; Production of Honey and supplies of Beekeeping materials such as beehives, bee suit, smoker, stands and others. Samony Natural Honey is our brand of honey. Samony natural honey is 100% natural and, gotten directly from samedek agro and alleid bee farms.

+234 808 299 293 9

Aphine worldwide ventures

General merchandise


Village Better Off Enterprise

Gari processing and sales of gari


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