Taissen Shalom Holdings

Financial services, Agricultural consultancy, Poultry/ fish/ vegetable farms and Real Estate


Samedek agro and allied

Samedek Agro and Allied is an agribusiness enterprise, incorporated in 2016. It specialises in Honey bee keeping and training; Production of Honey and supplies of Beekeeping materials such as beehives, bee suit, smoker, stands and others. Samony Natural Honey is our brand of honey. Samony natural honey is 100% natural and, gotten directly from samedek agro and alleid bee farms.

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Erikowa Sat Enterprisr

Erikowa Sat is a privately owned company that specializes in agriculture. We are into fish and poultry farming. We also handle logistics jobs.


BukAfrik Digital Analysis

IT Solutions


Nalix services



Wokoma Dumo Global Services



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