Mcbeth technologies concept

We are an indigenous firm which has been adjudge as one of the best in the industries, providing comprehensive support services ranging from supply and installation, renovation, maintenance, repair and spare part also providing training tailored to our client in all area of technologies services(Electrical, fire and safety information communication technology). We deliver prompt and cost effective services in liaison with our esteem client need and expectation. With its few years of quality service delivery our capabilities cannot be overemphasized having served many individual and companies. We rely on quality of our work-force build on dedicated, well trained and experienced personnel to enable us achieve the delivery of various projects satisfactorily and on time

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Production of Poultry egg, organic chicken, packaging of dried vegetable for export



GREEN CARE PHYTOTHERAPY INDUSTRIES LTD is a herbal pharmaceutical company that produces herbal alternative health products made from the very best natural extracts. This company was established in september 2008 in order to facilitate and provides a standard herbal alternative health products that will completely settle a life threatening illness. We are among the leader in the herbal pharmaceutical industry, we set the bar with its unwavering commitment to quality and performance. With our extensive variety of alternative herbal products and great inventory, we go above and beyond to ensure your needs are not just met, but exceeded. Our main objective is to carry out research in order to provide the most efficient and effective herbal alternative products which result in maximum customer satisfaction. Our products are highly made with a carefully selected ingredients so we can be confident of optimum results. With our comprehensive testing program that ensures quality and purity – from the selection of ingredients and throughout the manufacturing process, each product lineup passes through many tests by our highly trained staff for aspects such as ingredient activity, microbiological, bacterial and pesticides, and stability testing with good manufacturing practice certified by NAFDAC. Good Health and commitment to quality is absolute a reflection of the trust placed in us by our customers. We guarantee our care and passion for your good health.


Olive Green Exquisites Integrated

Olive Green Exquisites Integrated is an Indigenous Food Processing and Packaging/Consumer Goods/FMCG company that specializes in manufacturing and rebranding of non-flour based native snacks. The company was founded and registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in 2016 and based in Lagos, Nigeria. Our vision is "to make total wellness available and affordable to people" Our mission is "to make and provide wholesome non-flour based, healthy snacks available and affordable to people" Our business is a fast moving consumer goods (food snacks) with arrays of products. The pioneer product comes with the brand name "Olive Green Dodo". "Olive Green Dodo" is a non-conventional plantain-based snacks with a unique taste and appeals to both children and adults alike. The market potential is over 20,000,000 human population in Lagos at the moment. We are able to reach these consumers by supplying the snacks to many hypermarkets, supermarkets/retail outlets, restaurants and hotels in the heart of Lagos. This snacks is uniquely branded and packaged. Other products in our brands are: ▪ Olive Green "SnacksMix" ▪ Olive Green "CoconutMix" ▪ Olive Green "Masa" ▪ Olive Green "Soymilk" ▪ Olive Green "Cocoa Powder", and ▪ Olive Green "Cocoarich Drink" All these products are duely registered and certified with the relevant governing bodies.

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