The world is buzzing with social media activity. Facebook alone has over 2.41 billion monthly users (making it the largest “country” in the world; China trails in second place with 1.42 billion people). Twitter has an active monthly user subscriber of 327 million. Whatsapp is brimming with over 1.5 billion active Users in about 185 countries. At least 30.4 million Nigerians are on Facebook alone.

Business is about numbers, and when you look at the numbers above you will no doubt see why the new frontier for business is indeed social media. How can your business gain from social media? How can you make social media work for you?


Make Your Social Media Channels Attractive

With the low attention span of social media users, you have to attract people to your business using various attention-grabbing techniques. You can run an exclusive promo on your social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. These four channels have the ability to give you a major boost in profit if interesting and interactive content is constantly posted.


Engage Your Followers

Give your social media channels a personal touch that will make your followers relate to what you share. Constantly study the reaction of followers to posts made and re-use techniques they like. Use simple terms in your posts and beautify them with photographs, interesting hashtags, mentions and thought-provoking questions.


Have Great Customer Service

This means prompt replies to messages and complaints. Be polite in your interactions. If your customer service is great, your followers on social media will recommend you to their friends for free. Referrals are a plus for you, nothing sells better than word of mouth.

A quick chat on Facebook messenger or Whatsapp or a personalized birthday shout out could be that special touch that will set you apart from the competition.

Make Sense Consistently

Consistency is important. It takes time and effort to grow anything that is going to be worthwhile. This definitely is true for social media as well. To create a strong brand on social media, you have to be consistent with your message. You have to know what people connect with and consistently project useful information across your networks. You cannot take long holidays and expect that people will still remember you by the time you return. Stick with it and give it your best—it will grow.


Have a Social Media Budget

You might need to spend some money to advertise your brand on social media and get followers, especially in the early stages. Remember that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the rest are also trying to be profitable, so you need to spend some money to make the best use of these channels. You will find useful resources on social media advertising and marketing here

Using Social media is a cheaper means of advertising, not only for getting clients but for transforming them into raving fans who will gladly publicize your products and services by sharing with their friends. Get on the social media train before it leaves you behind.

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