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Topgy systems & management consultant

Topgy Systems & Management Consultant is the leading and foremost fixed assets management company in Nigeria. We assist organisation in handling the following tasks professionally: 1. Fixed Asset Verification Exercise 2. Reconciliation Exercise 3. Asset Valuation Exercise 4. Asset Tagging using world class tagging technologies 5. Asset Certification 6. Asset Management Software (Topgy Asset Performer Software) 7. Spares/Parts Audit 8. PPE Impairment Test Audit 9. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Solutions Provider 10. Liquid Fuel Audit 11. Stock Count Audit


SM & LB Consulting Ltd

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Jegawa BDC Ltd

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FirstBank Business Diagnostic

The Business diagnostic survey is designed to help you identify the key gaps in your business. This diagnostic survey will take ~15 minutes. For each question, please read carefully and select the response that is most representative of your business. At the end of the survey, you will get a customized report for your business